Is there a free application that can track phone location?

Mobile phones have become the most important gadget in the recent world. These phones serve a lot of purposes that fulfills all your needs. You can access and get all the information required from the place you are. But when this important gadget gets lost you feel like everything is lost. Because you might have stored a lot of information on the phone like important messages, many important contacts and so on.

Sometimes there is also a chance that your mobile gets stolen. You might not know where was it stolen and by whom. You might try all possible ways to find the lost phone using many techniques. The ultimate goal would be that you must somehow get the mobile back.

But when you get to know there are few applications that are available to find your phone by tracking its location wouldn’t you be surprised? Yes, it is true and there are applications for location tracking.

Here are a few applications that are cost-free using which you can use to track the phone’s location.

Famisafe location tracking

It is an effective application designed purely to find the location of the phone and it offers many features. It gives great accuracy while tracking the location. As long as the phone is connected to the internet, it helps in tracking the location. Moreover, the Famisafe application is available for free of cost. Once this application is installed it can be used effectively. It is compatible with Android and IOS.

Where’s My Droid

This application is designed mainly for Android devices that help in tracking the phone for free. It is very convenient to use when compared with other navigation services. This offers a feature of taking a picture on the targeted device and locates it. The application is small in size and so requires only less storage.

Find my device

Find my device is an application that is designed by Google. This helps in tracking the location and does not charge any amount for it. The steps involved are so simple and this is so helpful when your device is lost.


Glympse is the best-known location tracking application for tracking the phone’s location compatible with Android and IOS. Using this application, the phone can be tracked and the entire location history can be retrieved. It is so simple and easy to use.


Spyzie helps in tracking the phone’s location that can be used for both Android and IOS. This application has become famous among many people since it helps in tracking and monitoring all activities of the phone.

Geo Tracker

This can be downloaded from the play store and can be used. It is compatible with both Android and IOS.
Find My Friends

Another application that is used to track a cell phone location is NEXSPY. It is a service offered by Apple Inc. This is a good choice when you have to track your lost or stolen phone.
Tracking the phone’s location has now become so easy. So by using these above applications you can easily track the phone’s location and get benefitted.

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