How to Hack Text Messages Without Target Phone

If you are using smartphones, then it is obvious that we use social media to text our friend’s circle. But in some cases, we talk to strangers that can lead to problems. If you have kids who keep on texting, the feeling of doubt or curiosity can arise to whom they are texting. But we cannot get access to their mobile phones to check the conversation.

In such cases, you might wonder how to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone. The solution is installing popular spying applications like NEXSPY. When these types of applications are installed on the people’s device, you can read all the texts sent and received, and other details mentioned below.


Questions like whether these hacking apps are legal might arise in your minds. There are some circumstances which are considered legal like parents spying on their children for the sake of protection, or if you want to make sure your employee is not doing wrong things on company-owned devices, and so on.

The spying applications are very much useful for these situations. Similarly, if there is some third person who wishes to intrude and affect the children through social media, it can detect easily by monitoring their devices.

Features of spying apps

The spying apps that hack android phone remotely like NEXSPY can perform their spying tasks without the awareness of the user. The person cannot identify that any of these applications are installed on their device. Hence they help in monitoring other mobile phones easily. The following are the features offered by most spying applications:

Monitoring calls and messages

call monitoring

Spying apps as NEXSPY helps in monitoring the other person’s text messages easily. The app can be installed on the user’s phone once and the texts can be monitored without their notice. The calls can also be tracked, recorded and the address or contacts of a particular phone can also be accessed easily. All these are done without their knowledge and the user will not know whether the app is installed on their device.

Tracking location


If you want to know where the person is right now, you can easily track it using the location tracking feature. The location history can also be derived from the locations saved on the device that helps you to look at different places they visited so far. Also, NEXSPY has a special feature called geofencing which helps the user to get notification of the target devices.

Social media

Not only text messages and calls, but users can also get various conversations exchanged on various social media platforms. Most social media platforms have the option called direct message and if you wish to recover those data or conversation, it can be done with the help of these applications. If you ever wonder how to hack someone’s text messages without having their phone, then you can install one of these applications and get all the details easily.

Internet activity

internet activity

The activity of the internet on a particular device can also be tracked with the help of these spying apps. The internet history, the number of connections that are made by Wi-Fi with that device and bookmarks which are saved on the particular device, can be monitored with the app.

Hidden function

The most important feature of the spying apps that help to hack cell phone text messages is its hidden features. Once the app is installed, the user can hide the visibility status of the app on the device. After this step, the person can neither know whether the app is installed nor it is running in the background.

How to install NEXSPY on a device?

Now with all the features known, if you are wondering how to hack a phone to read texts, then the solution is to install the spying apps like NEXSPY. The installation steps are pretty simple and you can follow the steps one by one provided below:

You should buy the premium license of the software and get the license which is the first step. The purchase can be done online with different payment modes. After done with the purchase, your account will be registered and the log-in details will be sent to your registered mail id.

buy nexspy

The important thing to do is to change the device settings to ‘Enable application from third-party sources’ if it is disabled already. The next step is to install the application which helps to hack cell phone text messages on the target device.

Enable Unknown Sources

Before installing the application on the target device, you need to log-in and activate your account. Now you can easily download the app from the official link in a few seconds. After the NEXSPY app gets downloaded; you can run and install it on your device.

Software Installation

After installation, the first thing it asks is the license code. You need to enter the code on the installed target device. That is, the device that you need to spy on must be provided with the license code.

activate code

Once the license key is authenticated on the target device, it asks whether the app to be visible or invisible.


With all the above steps done, you can now be able to monitor their data from your account after a simple log-in. You can use the app from your personal computer or smartphone to access their texts and other details.

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What are the other apps you can use for monitoring other phones?

There are other applications like TheTruthSpy, mSpy, and much similar software that works similar to the NEXSPY app. The installation steps of these applications are pretty simple. These applications are beneficial to people like parents, employers, and to monitor the old aged people to check their safety.

All these apps are a perfect solution to our question on how to hack someone’s phone. These apps not only help in monitoring the conversation but also perform tracking location, read social media messages, and so on.

These spying applications are free and hence only the license needs to be purchased. All these applications are user-friendly and have a better interface. It helps people of different ages to use them easily. There are no time limits and hence you can monitor them from anywhere, anytime.

Most of the apps which hack cell phone text messages help in monitoring the data 24×7. If you are having a problem with your children or employee then you can easily install the application and get to know what they are dealing with.

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