Best Parental Control Apps for Kid’s Smartphone

There is no child who does not own or use a smartphone today. It has brought so much learning and advantage with it. However, there is no denying that it can be a cesspool of dangerous and explicit content. A child phone monitoring free policy is a constant concern weighing on the minds of many parents.

The different news involving the abuse of the internet and illegal activities are no help either. But this does not mean that children should be deprived of its use. After all, it makes communication effortless, and it can assist in their studies as well. The safest and the best way is to monitor the children’s activity on the internet through the use of monitoring apps and cultivate child phone monitoring free practice.

In this post, some of the best apps that provide parental control over the children’s smartphones are discussed. But bear in mind that these apps are not immune to bypass through customer service requests as well as performing a factory reset. In addition, there are a lot of sites which shares tricks and tools to bypass the most robust monitoring apps.

The best way to stay ahead is to keep abreast with alerts and news related to the software you use. One other point that is worth mentioning is not to write down the login information or the password. Kids can be sneaky, and they are also very smart. So stick to something that is easy for you to remember but tricky for them to guess.

Web Watcher

This monitoring app is a very powerful one that is compatible with both Android as well as iOS platforms. This app is, in essence, spyware. It allows parents to discourage a child phone monitoring free habit across any device. Consider the many features:

  • Web browsing – It can follow and keep a tight tab on the browsing history. The app also has a website blocking feature.
  • Social media – Emails, both outgoing as well as incoming. Instant chats and messages over Facebook, Tinder, Viber, Kik, and WhatsApp can be monitored. Deleted text and photos, capturing screen grabs are also possible
  • It also keeps tabs of all the call logs.
  • Typed keystrokes can also be checked on the monitored devices.

The issue with this app is that it is very invasive due to its powerful nature. So, the users will be prompted to permit security information. Many users do not appreciate this feature; however, robust this app is. Therefore, give it serious consideration if you decide to choose this monitoring app. Remember, it is a spyware.

The installation needs to be executed outside of their official site. At $130 a year for a single device, it is also the most expensive app on our list of monitoring apps.


NEXSPY has grown to as one of the most popular and well-known hidden spy apps for Android.

It’s reliable, easy to set up, and works on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Installation is simple and takes only a few minutes.

The app runs in background mode and is invisible to the phone user, so your kids will never know that you were spying on them.

By installing NEXSPY on your child’s phone, you can see exactly what they are doing and who they’re talking or chatting to on social media and their smartphone.

It records phone conversations (both incoming and outgoing), captures the keystrokes, lets you read emails, text messages, chat history on WhatsApp and other social media, all without the user knowing.

It even remotely turns on the phone microphone to record the conversations happening in the surroundings.

You can also track their phone’s location by remotely activating the GPS of the device.

NEXSPY – app parents can use to monitor kids phone

NEXSPY works on every Android device; it supports the latest Android version, Android Pie.

To utilize all its features, your Android should be rooted. It still works in non-rooted devices; however, NEXSPY offers only basic functionality in a non-rooted device.

It comes in three editions, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. The monthly package is most expensive, which will set you back for $39 for a single device.

To get the most bang for the bucks, you should purchase the yearly package where you’ll be able to save $228 compared with the monthly option.

NEXSPY is most expensive in our list, but at the same time, it offers the most extensive spying features.

Norton Family Premier

This app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It can also be installed on desktops which run on Windows. It is user-friendly and has a streamlined interface. The supervision on the web activities of this app is very powerful. Parents can keep tabs on the sites visited by the kids, or block entire sites if the contents are harmful to the children.

It also issues warnings and alerts the parents about the use of illegal sites by the children. This is particularly useful when parents need access to some sites, but the content may not be suitable for children such as Reddit.

During specific hours, both at night and day, the app causes the device to shut down completely. This is a great way to limit the amount of time spent on the internet and discourage child phone monitoring free.

The app is reasonably cheap when compared to other monitoring apps. The number of devices it can be installed is not limited, which is a great advantage. On the flipside, some users face limitations in the features of the app. It also works better in Android apps as opposed to iOS platforms.

Eset Parental Control

This monitoring app works only on Android mobiles. It offers basic web monitoring, blocking, browser history, as well as location tracking. The best feature of this app is the parental messaging. It is a feature which requires the kids to reply to the parents’ message to be able to continue the phones’ usage. If they do not respond, then the app does not allow the user to access the phone or the internet.

The free version of this app can be used with all its premium features for thirty days.


This app is compatible with iOS as well as Android platforms. It also works on Nook and Kindle. After installation, parents can track the time spent on the internet, set a timer for usage, filter explicit sites, block apps and games as well as keep track of texts on social media such as Twitter and Instagram.

The entire monitoring is streamlined on a single dashboard for easy access. This feature is excellent for parents who are pressed for time. It is also among the easiest to use due to its straightforward and user-friendly interface. The app is entirely customizable to the desired preference. Qustodio can also be installed on any device.

The app is available for use in the free version on a single device. However, it has limited features which are expected. At $55 a year for use on five devices, it is the second most expensive app on this list right after Web Watcher.