It’s all about the flow

The benefits of increased connectivity

Webinar Imagine a river that has suddenly become populated with beavers busily building dams and diverting the flow. It won't be long before that watercourse becomes difficult to navigate.

In some ways it is like using old or outdated tech - frustratingly slow with a lack of connectivity which can prevent your business from operating efficiently. Research suggests 72 percent of organisations cite this as a problem with 37 percent stating that rising costs are their biggest challenge.

Fortunately, Virgin Media O2 Business have insights to offer into how you can invest in what you need while making the most of what you already have.

We present to you a webinar that brings together experts from both the public and private sector to help you explore how the right technology with the right connectivity can unlock efficiencies across your organization.

Join on 5 July at 12pm BST/7am EDT/4am PDT to learn how to unlock the full potential of your teams in ways that will make your finance department think they are living Christmas 365 days a year. You'll hear Virgin Media O2 Business' Catherine Amran, Director of Business and Martin McFadyen, Head of Public Sector explore the relevant issues and solutions alongside Kenn Walters, ISG Lead Analyst and Executive Advisor.

It's about how to make collaboration effortless and remove time-consuming tasks to improve your employee experience.

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This webinar is brought to you by Virgin Media O2 Business.

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